Art.-Nr. Produktbezeichnung Hersteller Bestand Beschreibung  
45385 4-Hydroxybutylvinylether BASF 540 kg CAS 17832-28-9
40749 Acronal LR 8820 BASF 1600 kg poly-n-butyl acrylate, 98,5 %
45177 Acronal N 137 BASF 1126 kg Aqueous acrylate-acrylonitrile copolymer dispersion for the manufacture of flexible cementitious waterproofing membranes
41041 ACRONAL S 505 BASF 600 kg styrene/acrylate/acrylonitrile copolymer, about 50% strength
44122 Acronal S 600 BASF 2000 kg copolymer of styrene and an acrylic acid ester
45378 Additol VXW 6393 Allnex 20 kg Defoamer based on mineral spirits to prevent foam, without silicone addition
45883 ALRESAT KM 313 Akzo 122 kg Maleinatharz
45101 Ancamine 2739 Evonik 1300 kg modified polyamine curing agent intended for use as a curing agent for diluted liquid epoxy resin at ambient and low temperature application (10°C).
45167 Aradur 3441 Huntsman 1144 kg mannich base called phenalkamine. It may be used as a curing agent for coatings requiring good chemical resistance, mechanical properties, and low temperature cure (down to 5°C).
45884 BAKELITE PF 0100 LB Hexion 6412 kg Phenolharz
45172 Basonat HW 2100 BASF 7000 kg emulsifier-modified polyisocyanate based on isocyanurated hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
45173 Basonat HW 4000 BASF 1500 kg hydrophilic HDI-based polyisocyanate with new stabilization technology combining easy mixing with high chemical resistance
45386 Baxxodur EC 201 BASF 180 kg ycloaliphatic amine based curing agent with low viscosity and moderate reactivity
45169 Beckopox Ep 147 Allnex 240 kg Liquid epoxy resin. Used in adhesives for tiles. Provides hard films with high abrasion resistance, good corrosion protection and chemical resistance
45168 Beckopox Ep 386w/52wa Allnex 3400 kg internally plasticized solid resin-Type 1-dispersion with improved shear stability, e.g. for water reducible fast drying anticorrosion primers and coatings for plastics
43663 Beckopox VEH 2188w 55wa Allnex 1400 kg Hydrophobic amine hardener Aliphatic polyamine adduct especially for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings (primers, single coats), free of volatile basic amines
40683 Burnock PH 1055 DCI 9345 kg Alkylphenolharz in 50% Xylol,
45890 BYK-3760 Byk 22 kg Silicone-containing surface additive for solvent-borne, aqueous and UV coating systems, and printing inks
45891 BYK-377 Byk 45 kg Silicone surface additive for solvent-free, radiation-curable, and solvent-borne coating systems and printing inks:
45892 BYK-381 Byk 40 kg Surface additive for aqueous industrial, automotive, and furniture coatings as well as printing inks and paper coatings
45893 BYK-LPG 23084 Byk 117 kg  
42351 Carboset 1331 Lubrizol 2000 kg acrylic colloidal dispersion
42577 Carboset CR 785 Lubrizol 6900 kg acrylic copolymer emulsion, 42 %, MFFT 44 °C
45894 CARDOLITE NX-5444 Cardolite 531 kg phenalkamine curing agent that has a fast hardness development, good flexibility, and high solids
45895 CERAFLOUR 915 Byk 18 kg Micronized polypropylene wax for solvent-borne and aqueous systems
45896 CRAYNOR 203 Sartomer 865 kg Polyester acrylate oligomer, low viscosity polyester acrylate for use in UV and EB curing compositions
44874 Crestakyd 20-9021 Scott Bader 5600 kg a medium oil, air-drying, high viscosity, chain-stopped alkyd that displays excellent gloss, weather resistance, and flow characteristics. This product is ideal for use in air drying primers and industrial finishes.
45876 CYMEL RESIN 385 Allnex 19200 kg methylated high imino melamine resin with a low degree of alkylation
45464 DEH 90 olin 400 kg  
45465 DEH 98 Olin 450 kg  
43374 DEN 439 Olin 714 kg Epoxy Novolac Resin
45897 DESMODUR BL 2078/2 BASF 142 kg blocked aliphatic polyisocyanate based on IPDI
44769 Desmodur BL 4265 SN Covestro 7350 kg Blocked, aliphatic polyisocyanate based on IPDI.
44768 Dianol 200 FL Ceca 100 kg polyether polyols which provide improved adhesion and resistance to high temperatures and hydrolysis
45898 Diethylamine anhydreous     BASF 5600 kg 109-89-7
45390 Dioxolan 210KG BASF 210 kg CAS 646-06-0
42124 Dispex CX 4204 BASF 1540 kg ammonium salt of a carboxylated acrylic copolymer in water, resin developed for water-borne paints, inks, adhesives and ceramics, where resolubility of the system is of prime importance, old Glascol HA4
43246 Dispex CX 4345 BASF 520 kg an effective polymeric sodium salt of a carboxylic acid copolymer in water. Ist hydrophobic character results in an outstanding improvement of wet scrub resistance, old: Ultradispers® MD 21
44123 Dispex Ultra PX 4275 BASF 4000 kg (formerly Hydropalat® 3275) is a polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for high quality aqueous coatings and pigment pastes
44268 Dispex Ultra PX 4275 BASF 300 kg (formerly Hydropalat® 3275) is a polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for high quality aqueous coatings and pigment pastes
40868 Dow Corning FZ 77 DC 35 kg 100% solids silicone polyether that shows good compatibility with water-based formulations. It provides leveling and wetting performance, enhances gloss, and improves mar resistance in coatings formulations
45902 DYNAPOL LH 706-21 Evonik 8811 kg  
45903 DYNOADD F-3 Dynoadd 227 kg Anti-crater and flow additive for solvent borne coatings
45904 EASTMAN 1,4-CHDA-HP Eastman 1210 kg CAS 1076-97-7, 1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid high purity
44720 EBOTEC MT 15 SF Troy 1680 kg Gebindekonservierungsmittel
40758 Efka 6700 BASF 375 kg anti-gelling agent and viscosity stabilizer for air-drying and stoving coating systems.
43975 Efka FA 4612 BASF 400 kg low-molecular-weight dispersing agent, acidic polyester polyamide, old Efka 5210
44359 Efka FA 4612 BASF 200 kg  
44806 Efka FA 4642 BASF 1600 kg unsaturated polyamide and acid ester salts, low-molecular-weight dispersing agent for solvent-free or solvent-based coating systems, does not affect the pot life of two-component systems
44269 Efka FA 4663 BASF 175 kg dispersant and grinding aid, anti-settling and anti-floating agent for coatings, paints, printing inks, and other similar surface coatings, old Texaphor 963


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