Art.-Nr. Produktbezeichnung Hersteller Bestand Beschreibung  
52342 Plusaqua V 688 Mäder 5135 kg Polyester resin for 2K PUR paints with good gloss retention in the weather and good chemical resistance. Excellent gloss and optical film quality
52337 POVAL 18-88 Kuraray 50 kg PVOH
52345 Rheolate 644 Arkema 200 kg 25% solids dispersion of a polyether urea polyurethane-based associative rheology modifier designed for use in waterborne paints
52348 Rheolate FX 1010 Arkema 400 kg a high efficiency polyether polyurethane thickener for use in aqueous coatings
52349 RHEOTECH 3000 Coatex 400 kg alkaline-swellable acrylic thickener
52350 RHEOTECH 3800 Coatex 200 kg acrylic associative thickener for water-based systems (also called HASE)
45099 Sovermol 1014 BASF 180 kg natural-oil based aliphatic triol polyether polyol
46684 Sovermol 1083 BASF 720 kg natural-oil based branched polyether/-ester polyol
45236 SPEGMA 1100 BASF 220 kg CAS 70879-51-5, Stearyl Polyethyleneglycol Methacrylate 1100, Methacrylic acid ester, for manufacturing polymers and for use as a feed stock for syntheses
52353 SYNOLAC 4060 WDA 90 Arkema 600 kg high solids long oil alkyd resin designed for use in decorative coatings
52347 Tackifier 601 Provik 7425 kg reaction product of Polyols, Carboxylic Acid & Rosin Recommended Uses: Binder/ Tackifier/ Pigmentery Treatments & Coatings
52346 tert-Butyl Acrylate (TBA) BASF 1260 kg CAS 1663-39-4
46670 Tinuvin 144 BASF 40 kg light stabilizer of the hindered amine class (HALS) and also contains an antioxidant moiety of the sterically hindered phenol type.
50551 Tinuvin 234 BASF 40 kg high molecular weight ultraviolet light absorber (UVA) of the hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole class
41149 URADIL CP 0147 SZ DSM 11000 kg Water Dilutable Saturated Polyester Resin for can coating, 65% in Dipropylene glycol mono methyl ether DPM) Butyl glycol (4:1)
43343 VINNOLIT SA 1062/7 Vinnolit 650 kg Copolymer-Extender-PVC aus Vinylchlorid und Vinylacetat für Pastenverarbeitung, 7 % Vinylacetat
41302 Vinylharz TEGD/2 Azelis 1000 kg Vinylresin, entspricht Vinylite VAGD, Vinylacetates - 4,4 %, Vinylalcohol - 6 %
45397 Waterpoxy 1422 BASF 148 kg ca. 55 % solid epoxy resin emulsion in water, for formulating water-based anticorrosive coating systems, primers and protective coatings for concrete
50552 Waterpoxy 1455 BASF 125 kg solid epoxy resin emulsion in water


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