Art.-Nr. Produktbezeichnung Hersteller Bestand Beschreibung  
46105 SUPER GELKYD 391 WP 55   175 kg  
46663 MAGNESIUM SILICATE   6700 kg  
45859 Glass Bubbles iM30K 3M 50 kg  
45862 Glass Bubbles S60HS 3M 25 kg  
45864 Glass Bubbles A16/500 3M 30 kg  
45865 Glass Bubbles S38HS 3M 40 kg  
41288 PHENODUR PR 722/53BG/B Allnex 600 kg Curable unplasticized phenolic resin. Exhibits high-adhesion and chemically resistance. Used for coating interior and exterior surfaces of metal packaging containers, cans and as protective coatings for apparatus, vessels, pipelines, etc.
41646 PHENODUR VPW 1942/52WA Allnex 800 kg Water dilutable, heat-crosslinking phenol/epoxide-pre-condensate. Used for coating interior and exterior surfaces of metal packaging materials and for industrial stoving systems.
43663 Beckopox VEH 2188w 55wa Allnex 1400 kg Hydrophobic amine hardener Aliphatic polyamine adduct especially for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings (primers, single coats), free of volatile basic amines
45168 Beckopox Ep 386w/52wa Allnex 3360 kg internally plasticized solid resin-Type 1-dispersion with improved shear stability, e.g. for water reducible fast drying anticorrosion primers and coatings for plastics
42019 PLASDONE S-630 Ashland 77 kg  
46115 Blanose CMC 7H4XF Ashland 100 kg  
41302 Vinylharz TEGD/2 Azelis 1000 kg Vinylresin, entspricht Vinylite VAGD, Vinylacetates - 4,4 %, Vinylalcohol - 6 %
39083 Joncryl 815 BASF 4808 kg Carboxyl functional acrylic resin, a solid flake acrylic resin for industrial hybrid powder coating applications
40369 Dewanil WDS double conc. BASF 1920 kg leimfreie, alkalische Paraffindispersion zur Wasserabweisung kunstharzgebundender Putze.
40642 Polyethylenimine ethoxylated BASF 8360 kg CAS 26658-46-8, 35 - 40 % solid, 80% ethoxylated Polyethylenimine, Lupasol SC 61 B
40795 Luwipal 063 BASF 220 kg Highly reactive melamine–formaldehyde resin etherified with methanol and dissolved in water
40796 Luwipal 063 BASF 440 kg Highly reactive melamine–formaldehyde resin etherified with methanol and dissolved in water
40800 Plastopal BTM BASF 440 kg plastifizierte und spröde Harnstoff-Formaldehydharze, Methanol, carbamatisiert
41045 TINOPAL MSP BASF 100 kg Fluorescent Brightener 353, CAS 55585-28-9
41216 Hydropalat WE 3188 BASF 400 kg alkylpolyalkoxylate, non ionic, old Hydropalat 188A
42122 Sterocoll SL BASF 120 kg wässrige anionische Lösung eines Copolymerisats auf Acrylatbasis, Rheology modifier
42353 Loxanol PL 5828 BASF 200 kg a polypropylene glycol with an average molecular weight of about 900 g/mol, old Pluriol P 900 C
42361 Loxanol MI 6271 BASF 400 kg old Modicol 2271
42593 Loxanol OT 5900 BASF 125 kg Additive to improve the workability of mineral based mortars, organo silica mortars, textured finishes and emulsion paints in powder form, old Loxanol P
42610 Loxanol MI 6665 BASF 2000 kg dispersing resin dissolved in water, PVP K 17 in 30 % water
43177 Hydropalat WE 3918 BASF 220 kg Dispersing Agents, old HYDROPALAT® PB
43507 Rheovis AS 1180 BASF 360 kg Thickener for polymer dispersions and other aqueous systems
44721 OPPANOL B 150 BASF 1000 kg Polyisobutene
44723 OPPANOL N 50 BASF 860 kg Polyisobutene
45099 Sovermol 1014 BASF 180 kg natural-oil based aliphatic triol polyether polyol
45139 Versamid PUR 1032 BASF 50680 kg elastomeric polyurethane for use in flexible packaging inks for medium to high duty, including retort, lamination applications.
45172 Basonat HW 2100 BASF 1000 kg emulsifier-modified polyisocyanate based on isocyanurated hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
45181 Irgalube 2040 A BASF 190 kg a proprietary ashless package containing antioxidants, FZG booster, corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators (no demulsifier, no defoamer)
45235 Loxanol CA 5330 BASF 350 kg  
45236 SPEGMA 1100 BASF 220 kg CAS 70879-51-5, Stearyl Polyethyleneglycol Methacrylate 1100
45391 Hydraulan 404 BASF 280 kg Premium Brake Fluid for Modern Brake Systems
45397 Waterpoxy 1422 BASF 148 kg ca. 55 % solid epoxy resin emulsion in water, for formulating water-based anticorrosive coating systems, primers and protective coatings for concrete
45869 Loxanol MI 6627 BASF 45 kg formerly Alcophor® 827, is a white powder used as a highly effective corrosion inhibitor in combination with zinc phosphate for waterborne and solvent borne systems
46077 Joncryl 637 BASF 5000 kg Mid-range molecular weight acrylic colloidal emulsion. Used for paper inks. Offers very flat pH/viscosity profile.
46078 Joncryl 8060 BASF 6000 kg styrene-acrylic emulsion for use in high-gloss high-quality overprint varnishes
46086 Irgastat P 20 BASF 500 kg Permanent Antistatic Additive, polymeric systems based on polyamide/polyether block amides
46087 Joncryl 8284 BASF 1000 kg rheology-controlled (RC) acrylic. It is APEO-free. Offers excellent tannin blocking and very good interaction with associative thickeners.
46095 Luhydran A 875 S BASF 1000 kg Aqueous, low-viscosity, self-crosslinking fine dispersion of a copolymer based on esters of methacrylic acid
46113 Irgalube 353 BASF 50 kg a dialkyl dithiophosphate ester
46114 Joncryl 678 BASF 50 kg general purpose, mid-range molecular weight resin for water-based inks, pigment dispersions, and overprint varnishes
46171 Laromer UA 9029 BASF 8000 kg Aliphatic urethane acrylate. 70 % in Butylacetate
46239 Laromer POEA BASF 17000 kg 2-Phenoxyethyl acrylate, CAS 48145-04-6
46343 Laromer UA 9073 BASF 13800 kg Aromatic urethane acrylate, free of diluents
46398 Loxanol MI 6665 BASF 3000 kg dispersing resin dissolved in water, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, homo polymer


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