Order nr. Productname Manufacturer Stock Beschreibung  
40749 Acronal LR 8820 BASF 1600 kg poly-n-butyl acrylate, 98,5 %
46083 Acronal LR 9014 BASF 34000 kg a fine particle acrylic anionic binder for exterior, clear or pigmented wood coatings, 45 % solids, MFFT < 3°C
41041 ACRONAL S 505 BASF 600 kg styrene/acrylate/acrylonitrile copolymer, about 50% strength
45378 Additol VXW 6393 Allnex 20 kg Defoamer based on mineral spirits to prevent foam, without silicone addition
38410 Apex 80853-C natural Teknor Apex 1800 kg Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride, 105 °C
45172 Basonat HW 2100 BASF 1000 kg emulsifier-modified polyisocyanate based on isocyanurated hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
45168 Beckopox Ep 386w/52wa Allnex 3360 kg internally plasticized solid resin-Type 1-dispersion with improved shear stability, e.g. for water reducible fast drying anticorrosion primers and coatings for plastics
43663 Beckopox VEH 2188w 55wa Allnex 1400 kg Hydrophobic amine hardener Aliphatic polyamine adduct especially for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings (primers, single coats), free of volatile basic amines
46115 Blanose CMC 7H4XF Ashland 100 kg  
40683 Burnock PH 1055 DCI 9345 kg Alkylphenolharz in 50% Xylol,
42351 Carboset 1331 Lubrizol 2000 kg acrylic colloidal dispersion
42577 Carboset CR 785 Lubrizol 7000 kg acrylic copolymer emulsion, 42 %, MFFT 44 °C
43374 DEN 439 Olin 714 kg Epoxy Novolac Resin
40369 Dewanil WDS double conc. BASF 1920 kg leimfreie, alkalische Paraffindispersion zur Wasserabweisung kunstharzgebundender Putze.
44768 Dianol 220 FL Ceca 100 kg polyether polyols which provide improved adhesion and resistance to high temperatures and hydrolysis
42124 Dispex CX 4204 BASF 1540 kg ammonium salt of a carboxylated acrylic copolymer in water, resin developed for water-borne paints, inks, adhesives and ceramics, where resolubility of the system is of prime importance, old Glascol HA4
43246 Dispex CX 4345 BASF 520 kg an effective polymeric sodium salt of a carboxylic acid copolymer in water. Ist hydrophobic character results in an outstanding improvement of wet scrub resistance, old: Ultradispers® MD 21
44123 Dispex Ultra PX 4275 BASF 4000 kg (formerly Hydropalat® 3275) is a polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for high quality aqueous coatings and pigment pastes
44268 Dispex Ultra PX 4275 BASF 300 kg (formerly Hydropalat® 3275) is a polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for high quality aqueous coatings and pigment pastes
44720 EBOTEC MT 15 SF Troy 1680 kg Gebindekonservierungsmittel
40758 Efka 6700 BASF 375 kg anti-gelling agent and viscosity stabilizer for air-drying and stoving coating systems.
43975 Efka FA 4612 BASF 400 kg low-molecular-weight dispersing agent, acidic polyester polyamide, old Efka 5210
44806 Efka FA 4642 BASF 1600 kg unsaturated polyamide and acid ester salts, low-molecular-weight dispersing agent for solvent-free or solvent-based coating systems, does not affect the pot life of two-component systems
46084 Efka FA 4654 BASF 900 kg High molecular weight carboxylic acid salt solution. Acts as a dispersing agent. formerly Efka® 5054 N
44249 Efka FL 3337 BASF 30 kg slip and leveling agent, (old : Efka FL 3037)
41836 Efka FL 3650 BASF 210 kg slip and leveling agent, polymeric fluorocarbon compound, old Efka 3650
40760 Efka FL 3745 BASF 25 kg Perenol F 45
42045 Efka MI 6110 BASF 185 kg  
42480 Efka MI 6753 BASF 675 kg a cationic additive to increase the electric conductivity of coatings, old Texaquart® 253
43872 Efka PU 4020 AN BASF 420 kg high-molecular-weight dispersing agent, modified polyurethane
43503 Efka WE 3110 BASF 200 kg nonionic surfactant with unsurpassed stabilization efficiency of water in alkyd paints, old: Lumiten AQA 10
45166 Eurelon 930 Huntsman 1700 kg Co-solvent soluble polyamide resins (for flexo-and rotogravure printing)
45375 Fastrack 53 Dow 2000 kg crylic emulsion. Used in traffic marking paints. Offers long retention of glass beads giving extended retro reflectivity/night time visibility
46164 Foamaster MO 2121 BASF 15390 kg excellent mineral oil based defoamer for flat aqueous coatings, avoid foam formation during the grinding process, retains antifoam efficiency during long storage of the paint
37913 Genioplast Gum Wacker 570 kg ultrahochmolekulares Polydimethylsiloxan mit geringflüchtigem Anbteil
45864 Glass Bubbles A16/500 3M 30 kg  
45860 Glass Bubbles im16K 3M 40 kg  
45859 Glass Bubbles iM30K 3M 50 kg  
45861 Glass Bubbles S28HS 3M 65 kg  
45863 Glass Bubbles S32HS 3M 30 kg  
45865 Glass Bubbles S38HS 3M 40 kg  
45862 Glass Bubbles S60HS 3M 25 kg  
40686 Hybrane PX-100 DSM 8670 kg Aqueous, non-ionic, hydroxyl group-containing hyperbranched polyester amide, 50% in water
42294 Hycar 26138 Lubrizol 6000 kg Acrylic self-crosslinking Emulsion, TG 25°C
42339 Hycar FF 26960 Lubrizol 27000 kg Acrylic co-polymer, solids 48 %, MFFT 47°C, self-crosslinking polymer that delivers the cure performance of formaldehyde containing polymers without exposure to formaldehyde
42295 Hycar T 91 Lubrizol 9000 kg Acrylic Copolymer, TG -16°C
45391 Hydraulan 404 BASF 280 kg Premium Brake Fluid for Modern Brake Systems
46085 Hydropalat WE 3112 BASF 18280 kg mixture of highly effective surface-active substances, emulsifier for emulsion polymerization and wetting agent for dispersion paints, old name Texapon P
41216 Hydropalat WE 3188 BASF 400 kg alkylpolyalkoxylate, non ionic, old Hydropalat 188A
43177 Hydropalat WE 3918 BASF 220 kg Dispersing Agents, old HYDROPALAT® PB


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