Order nr. Productname Manufacturer Stock Beschreibung  
38410 Apex 80853-C natural Teknor Apex 1800 kg Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride, 105 °C
50537 EGP 10 - Hollow glass sphere (0,5-1) Omya 1750 kg  
50538 EGP 3 Hollow glass sphere (0.1-0.3) Omya 15792 kg  
50539 EGP 5 Hollow glass sphere (0.25-0.5) Omya 8433 kg  
37913 Genioplast Gum Wacker 570 kg ultrahochmolekulares Polydimethylsiloxan mit geringflüchtigem Anbteil
50541 GLYSANTIN G40 pink BASF 101 kg 90 liter an engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol that needs to be diluted with water before use
50542 GLYSANTIN G40 Ready Mix/50 pink BASF 258 kg 240 liter an engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol
50543 GLYSANTIN G48 Ready Mix/50 BASF 3909 kg 3570 liter an engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol
45181 Irgalube 2040 A BASF 190 kg a proprietary ashless package containing antioxidants, FZG booster, corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators (no demulsifier, no defoamer)
50545 Irgastab RM 68 FF BASF 40 kg processing and light stabilizer system designed for use in rotational molding applications
50546 Irgastat P 22 BASF 40 kg polymeric system based on polyamide/polyether block amide. Acts as an anti-static agent
46663 MAGNESIUM SILICATE   6700 kg  
42018 NUTRALYS S 85 F Roquette 740 kg pea protein
44151 Sipernat D 13 Evonik 249 kg very finely ground, hydrophobic silica used as anticaking agent, reinforcing filler and defoamer
51314 Spheriglass 2227 CP 03 Potters 1000 kg Glass Beads
42122 Sterocoll SL BASF 120 kg wässrige anionische Lösung eines Copolymerisats auf Acrylatbasis, Rheology modifier


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