Art.-Nr. Produktbezeichnung Hersteller Bestand Beschreibung  
43874 Hydropalat WE 3425 BASF 360 kg an anionic surfactant that acts as a wetting and dispersing agent. Acid phosphoric ester of a fatty alcohol ethoxylate, 100% (Lutensit®A-EP)
43873 Baycoll AD 2055 Covestro 3000 kg a linear polyester polyol that is suitable for combination with Desmodur® in the formulation of adhesives with a low solvent content
43872 Efka PU 4020 AN BASF 840 kg high-molecular-weight dispersing agent, modified polyurethane
43871 Rheovis HS 1162 BASF 440 kg an outstanding extreme low-shear to thixotropic thickener and rheology-control agent for aqueous coatings, old Rheovis 162
43870 Paliotol yellow K 1760 BASF 170 kg PY 191:1
43867 Luconyl NG orange 2430 BASF 488 kg PO 82
43865 Luconyl NG blue 6310 BASF 357 kg PB 28
43509 Epalloy 7200 CB1 Emerald 2500 kg a blend of modified liquid Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether resin and a reactive diluent designed for fast cure, low viscosity, and low temperature applications, Visc. 9,000– 14,000 cps, Epoxide 180-190 g/eq,
43498 SYNTHOLUX BW 2025 Synthopol 3900 kg water-based, physically drying and UV-curing aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, tinfree; for coating susbtrates such as wood and plastics with good elasticity and resistance to chemicals
43340 Basonat LR 9056 BASF 180 kg Emulsifier-modified polyisocyanate based on isocyanurated hexamethylene diisocyanate (new name Basonat HW 2000)
43336 Lithopone Rotsiegel BTC 500 kg 30 % L
43201 Laromer DPGDA BASF 3000 kg CAS 57472-68-1, Dipropylenglycoldiacrylat
43119 Microlith magenta 4500 J BASF 100 kg a quinacridone pigment. It is a very clean blue-shade magenta organic pigment, old Microlith Jet Magenta 2B
42329 Luconyl orange 2990 BASF 225 kg PO 73, old Unisperse DPP orange RA
42256 Carboset AE 960 E Lubrizol 9450 kg water based 100% acrylic emulsion specifically developed for elastomeric vertical masonry coatings
42224 Irgalite yellow D 1132 BASF 200 kg PY 174 (old Irgalite LBS)
43864 Texapon K 12 G BASF 13725 kg Sodium Lauryl Sulfate C 12 - Granules
43863 Rewopol SB CS 50 Evonik 10400 kg Dinatriumsalz des polyoxyethylierten Laurylcitrat-Sulfosuccinat CTFA-Bezeichnung: Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate
43862 Sympatens TTIS Kolb / KLK 9405 kg INCI Name: Trimethylolpropane Triisostearate
43861 Sympatens GMIS Kolb / KLK 700 kg INCI Name: Glyceryl Isostearate
43860 Sympatens GTIS Kolb / KLK 3420 kg INCI: Triisostearin
43859 Kosteran- I 1 Kolb/KLK 6710 kg INCI: Sorbitan Isostearate
43858 CremerCOOR PG3 Peter Cremer 1200 kg INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate (Lameform TGI)
43857 CremerCOOR PG2 Peter Cremer 575 kg INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate
43856 CremerCOOR GMO 90 Peter Cremer 1125 kg INCI: Glyceryl Oleate
43855 Witepsol H 35 Peter Cremer 705 kg INCI: Hydrogenated Hard Fat (like Novata)
43854 Witepsol H 32 Peter Cremer 1395 kg INCI: Hydrogenated Hard Fat (like Novata)
43852 Aduxol AH-014 90% Schärer/Schläpfer 6200 kg Nonylphenol + 14 mol EO 90%
43851 Aduxol VP 9848 Schärer/Schläpfer   kg Fatty alchol C16/18 +6 PO + 2 EO
43850 Aduxol VP 9829 Schärer/Schläpfer 1000 kg Glycerin EO/PO
43849 Aduxol VP 9638 Schärer/Schläpfer 1449 kg n-Butanol + 12,5 EO
43848 Aduxol VP 4568 Schärer/Schläpfer 1672 kg Fatty alcohol alcoxylate
43847 Aduxol VP 11749 Schärer/Schläpfer 3445 kg Fatty alcohol alcoxlyate (Countertype to Marlox RT 64)
43846 Aduxol ST-06 spez Schärer/Schläpfer 1930 kg Stearylalcohol + 6 EO
43845 Aduxol ST-02 S Schärer/Schläpfer 1367 kg Fatty Alcohol C16/18 + 2 EO
43844 Aduxol MPEG-550 Schärer/Schläpfer 7146 kg MPEG-550 (Methoxypolyethylenglycol)
43843 Aduxol LH-02 Schärer/Schläpfer 149 kg Fatty alcohol C12/14 + 2 EO
43842 Aduxol LAM-02 Schärer/Schläpfer 118 kg Laurylamin + 2 EO
43841 Aduxol CAM 10 Schärer/Schläpfer 2269 kg Cocosamin + 10 EO
43840 Ancamide 2353 Evonik 3264 kg Curing Agent, a highperformance modified polyamide intended for use with epoxy resins in two-part ambient cure coatings
42059 Irgalite red L 3865 BASF 30 kg PR 112 (Irgalite Red 3RS)
43839 Ethocel Standart 7 Premium Dow 363 kg Ethylcellulose
43838 Coguar 117 Clariant 825 kg Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
43837 Carbomer Ultrez 20   10020 kg INCI: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer It is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer and is designed to efficiently impart thickening, stabilizing, and suspending properties to a variety of personal care applications
43825 Carbomer Ultrez 20   1600 kg INCI: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer It is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer and is designed to efficiently impart thickening, stabilizing, and suspending properties to a variety of personal care applications
43824 Carbomer 980   8640 kg INCI: Carbomer (Viscosity Brookfield 0,5%: 40000-60000) Carb 980 polymer is a crosslinked polyacrylate polymer and offers performance properties similar to the industry standard Carb 940 polymer
43823 Plantapon PSC BASF 210 kg Mild "Performance Surfactant Composition" (PSC) for green concepts. INCI: Coco Glucoside (and) Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate (and) Glycerin
43821 Lanette SX BASF 80 kg INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (and) Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
43820 Lanette O OR BASF 20 kg Cetylstearylalcohol
43819 Lanette N Lubrizol 20 kg Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
43818 Lamesoft TM Benz BASF 205 kg INCI: Glycol Distearate (and) Coco-Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate (and) Glyceryl Stearate
43817 Lamepon ST 40 BASF 1500 kg INCI: TEA-Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Collagen (collagen hydrolysate fatty acid condesate, triethanolamine salt)
43816 EUPERLAN PK 810 IS BASF 240 kg INCI: Glycol Distearate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Cocamide MEA & Laureth-10, Pearlescent white to yellowish liquid with a typical faint odour The product is a cold processable, liquid pearl shine concentrate for dense and brillant surfactant preparations
43815 Euperlan PK 3000 OK BASF 205 kg Dispersion of pearlising agents with fatty alcohol ethersulphate => INCI: Glycol distearate, Laureth-4, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Glycerin
43814 Eumulgin O 5 BASF 540 kg INCI: Oleth-5
43813 Eumulgin BA 25 BASF 25 kg INCI: Beheneth-25 (Behenyl alcohol + 25 EO)
43812 Emulgade F Spezial BASF 340 kg INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) PEG-40 Castor Oil
43810 Dehyquart Sp BASF 125 kg Conditioning agent, antistatic agent INCI: Quaternium 52
43809 Dehyquart A-OR BASF 790 kg Cationic surfactant: Trimethyl hexadecylammonium chloride; INCI = Cetrimonium chlorid
43808 Cutina GMS V BASF 25 kg INCI: Glycerolmonostearate
43806 Cutina CBS BASF 275 kg Mixture of consistency giving waxes. INCI: Glyceryl stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palimtate, Coco-glycerides
43805 Cosmedia SPL BASF 225 kg INCI: Sodium Polyacrylate (and) Hydrogenated Polydecene (and) PPG-5 Laureth-5 (Acrylic acid homopolymer dispersed in hydrogenated polydecene)
43804 Cosmedia GEL CC BASF 50 kg COSMEDIA® GEL CC is used as rheology modifier in cosmetic O/W & W/O emulsions. INCI: Dicaprylyl Carbonate (and) (and) Stearalkonium Hectorite (and) Propylene (and) Carbonate ((Mixture of modified hectorite and emollient))
43801 Cetiol C5 BASF 175 kg C8-C18 Alkyl Ester INCI: Coco-Caprylate
43800 Cegesoft HF 52 BASF 25 kg C16-C18 triglyceride (INCI: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil)
43799 Synative AL T BASF 170 kg Fatty alcohol C 12 - C 18
43796 Deriphat 160 C BASF 1000 kg amphoteric surfactant for cleaners (Sodium-N-lauryl-ß-iminodipropionate). Its stability over a broad pH range allows the use in acidic and alkaline formulations.
43795 Cloisonne Super Copper 350 Z BASF 21 kg pearlescent pigment for color cosmetic and personal care. INCI: CI77489 and Mica
43789 Hansa yellow G02 Clariant 5200 kg PY 1
43787 NEOCRYL B-875 DSM 75 kg Solid acrylic copolymer. Used in wall paints, paints for concrete, cement and bituminous substrates, road paints, marine and structural steel
43786 NEOCRYL A-1095 DSM 480 kg modified acrylic styrene copolymer dispersion
43785 URAKYD AK421 PK-55 DSM 720 kg Medium-oil chain stopped alkyd resin based on tall oil fatty acids
43784 URAKYD AY699 X-60 DSM 600 kg Short oil hydroxy alkyd resin based on mixed fatty acids for 2-component NCO curing systems, solvent borne
43783 URAKYD AL210 W-55 DSM 540 kg Poly urethane modified long-oil alkyd resin based on soya-bean oil
43781 Rewocid SB U 185 KE Evonik 8400 kg INCI: Disodium Undecylenamido MEA- Sulfosuccinate
43780 Rewopol HM 30 Evonik 3200 kg INCI: Sodium Laureth Sulfate / Disodium Laureth / Sulfosuccinate / PEG-80 Glyceryl Tallowate / Water
43779 Carbomer 690   17500 kg INCI: Carbomer - Brookfield Viscosity, 0,5 %: 40000 - 65000 cP
43777 Genapol (Hostacerin) LS 230 Clariant 2200 kg Fatty alcohol C12-C14 + 23 mol EO (Laureth 23)
43775 Basonat HW 100 BASF 71 kg  
43774 Alkafix Citr.   30 kg  
43773 Tinuvin 400 DW BASF 16 kg a liquid hydroxyphenyl-triazine (HPT) UV absorber designed to fulfill the high performance and durability needs of waterborne, solventborne, and 100% solids automotive and industrial finishes
43772 Lithol Scharlach K 4165 BASF 80 kg  
43771 Rheovis HS 1332 BASF 200 kg an excellent mid- to high-shear thickener and rheology-control agent for aqueous coatings, old Rheovis 132
43769 Luconyl NG black 0070 BASF 62 kg  
43768 Laromer LR 8863 BASF 200 kg  
43767 Joncryl OH 8300 BASF 2000 kg  
43765 Foamaster WO 2310 BASF 180 kg  
43762 PVP K 30 30% solution Ashland 10057 kg PVP K 30 sol
43670 Kolliphor TPGS (Vitamin E derivate) BASF 1127 kg D-alpha tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) – is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin E that can directly enhance the bioavailability of poorly soluble actives. TPGS is commonly used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations
43761 Plantasil Relaxcare BASF 2000 kg INCI: Potassium Silicates (and) Caprylyl?/?Capryl Glucoside (and) Glycerin designed for use in lye relaxer formulations, is based on a new technology that reduces relaxed hair damages without compromising on the straightening efficacy
43759 Luviskol VA 64 W BASF 240 kg INCI: Vinylpyrrolidone (VP)/vinyl acetate (VA) copolymer. Film-forming agents and fixatives in hair care.
43756 Comperlan CMEA NA BASF 1000 kg INCI: Cocamide MEA
43753 Cetiol RLF BASF 2450 kg INCI: Caprylyl-Caprylate/ Caprate (first light emollient produced via an enzymatic process. The product is solely derived from renewable feedstocks, proven to be mild on sensitive skin)
43751 Breox AA E 410 H BASF 30000 kg allyl alcohol with 8 mol EO
43749 Benecel F50 Ashland 6980 kg Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC or MHPC) Viscosity 50 mPas
43745 Cerasynt PA Ashland 113 kg INCI Name: Propylene Glycol Stearate (imparts pearlescence and opacity to hand and body washes and shampoos)
43744 Antaron WP-660 Ashland 150 kg INCI: Tricontanyl PVP (Copolymers of vinylpyrrilidone and long-chain a-olefins
43737 Rewopol S 1954 Evonik 900 kg Chemical Description - Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, fatty alcohol ethoxylate, fatty acid diethanolamide. Rewopol S 1954 is a surfactant blend for dishwashing liquids and cleansing agents
43736 Rewopol S 2311 Evonik 8600 kg Mixture of Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Sodium. Laureth sulfate, Laureth-10 and Cocamide-DEA


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