Art.-Nr. Produktbezeichnung Hersteller Bestand Beschreibung  
46244 Plantapon ACG-LC BASF 1000 kg Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate
46243 PLANTAPON AF BASF 800 kg INCI: MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Laureth-3 (and) Laureth-7 Citrate
46238 Uvinul P 25 BASF 8075 kg UVA2 and UVB Absorber: PEG-25 PABA
46171 Laromer UA 9029 BASF 7000 kg Aliphatic urethane acrylate. 70 % in Butylacetate
46170 Neorez R 1030 DSM 840 kg  
46169 Neorez A 2092 DSM 1050 kg  
46168 Uradil AZ 543 DSM 1400 kg  
46237 Plantapon WW-CF BASF 20000 kg INCI = MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Laureth-4 (and) Propylene Glycol
46236 Cegesoft PFO BASF 200 kg Passiflora Incarnata Seed Oil (C 16 - 18 Triglycerides) - Passionsblumenöl
46230 Isopropylpalmitat BASF 175 kg IPP
46229 Isopropylpalmitat BASF 700 kg IPP
46228 Plantapon LC 7 BASF 570 kg INCI: Laureth-7 Citrate, is a citric acid ester of a ethoxylated fatty alcohol and can be used as a primary surfactant
46222 Eumulgin VL 75 BASF 760 kg EMULSIFER BLEND: INCI: Lauryl Glucoside (and) Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxistearate (and) Glycerin (Mixture of nonionic emulsifiers and glycerin)
46221 Cegesoft PFO BASF 100 kg Passiflora Incarnata Seed Oil (C 16 - 18 Triglycerides) - Passionsblumenöl
46215 Behenic Acid 96.97 % Godrej Industries Ltd 325 kg Behenic Acid flakes
46201 Dehymuls LE BASF 112 kg INCI: PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate - use as W/O emulsifier for the preparation of cosmetic emulsions.
46199 Salcare SC 80 BASF 800 kg INCI: Steareth-10 Allyl Ether / Acrylates Copolymer
46198 Lamesoft PW 45 BASF 3420 kg Cetyl Palmitate (and) Beheneth-10 (and) Hydrogenated Castor Oil (and) Glyceryl Stearate, low viscous wax dispersion with a mild characteristic odour
46194 Cegesoft PS 6 BASF 190 kg INCI: OLUS (vegetable oil) C16 - C18 triglyceride
46191 Eumulgin VL 75 BASF 1900 kg EMULSIFER BLEND: INCI: Lauryl Glucoside (and) Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxistearate (and) Glycerin (Mixture of nonionic emulsifiers and glycerin)
46190 Cutina CBS BASF 125 kg Mixture of consistency giving waxes. INCI: Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl alcohol (and) Cetly Palmitate (and) Cocoglycerides
46184 Texapon T 42 BASF 2000 kg Laurylsulfate Triethanolamin salt
46179 Dehymuls PGPH BASF 10400 kg Polyglycerinpoly-12-hydroxystearat (INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate)
46176 Mapeg S 40 K Flakes BASF 2528 kg POE (40) Monostearate - INCI: PEG-40 Stearate (Polyethylene glycol monostearate)
46142 Cetiol C 5 BASF 175 kg C8-C18 Alkyl Ester INCI: Coco-Caprylate
46141 Cetiol 88 BASF 300 kg INCI: Caprylyl Caprylate
46134 Coated Ascorbic Acid Type EC DSM 50 kg Ascorbic Acid
46130 Bentone EW CE Elementis 175 kg INCI: Hectorit (rheological additive for the aqueous phase of cosmetics)
46126 Luviquat 9030 BASF 7000 kg INCI: Vinylamine/Vinylformamide Copolymer
46123 STAPA HCP 6345 Eckard 100 kg Polymer coated aluminium paste - non leafing
46119 Microlen scarlet 3540 BASF 25 kg  
46118 Micranyl brown 2650 BASF 25 kg  
46115 Blanose CMC 7H4XF Ashland 100 kg  
46114 Joncryl 678 BASF 50 kg general purpose, mid-range molecular weight resin for water-based inks, pigment dispersions, and overprint varnishes
46113 Irgalube 353 BASF 50 kg a dialkyl dithiophosphate ester
46109 SYNOLAC 8000 BA 75 Arkema 200 kg peanut based nitrocellulose alkyd resin. It contains butyl acetate as the volatile component. Exhibits fast drying and good blocking resistance.
46107 SYNOCURE 213BA50 Arkema 380 kg polyurethane acrylic resin. It contains butyl acetate as the volatile component. Shows quick solvent release and good hardness. Highly recommended for clear and pigmented topcoats.
46106 SYNOCRYL 9122X40 Arkema 540 kg Very fast drying, thermoplastic polymer. Used in a variety of specialised air-drying and force drying finishes. Offers elasticity with toughness.
46105 SUPER GELKYD 391 WP 55   175 kg  
46094 Lupraphen 6607/1 BASF 9600 kg difunctional, aliphatic polyester polyol
46093 Laromer TPGDA BASF 8000 kg Tripropyleneglycol diacrylate, an acrylic acid ester that is used as a reactive monomer in energy curable coatings, inks, and overprint varnishes
46088 Laromer UA 8987 N    BASF 6840 kg Aliphatic urethane acrylate for radiation-curable coatings, Aliphatic urethane acrylate, 70% solution in hexandiol diacrylate (HDDA)
46104 Rheovis PU 1235 BASF 11629 kg a 25% solids, non-ionic associative HEUR thickener designed to impart low shear viscosity with moderate contribution to high shear viscosity in latex based paints.
46097 Luwipal 072 BASF 1000 kg highly reactive ethanol-etherified melamine-formaldehyde resin dissolved in isobutanol.
46096 Luwipal 066 BASF 960 kg low viscosity, hexamethoxymethylmelamine resin
46095 Luhydran A 875 S BASF 1000 kg Aqueous, low-viscosity, self-crosslinking fine dispersion of a copolymer based on esters of methacrylic acid
46089 Laromer UA 9033 N BASF 6270 kg urethane acrylate oligomer useful in ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing compositions. Aliphatic urethane acrylate, 70 % solution in Laromer® LR 8887 (trimethylol-propaneformal monoacrylate)
46086 Irgastat P 20 BASF 500 kg Permanent Antistatic Additive, polymeric systems based on polyamide/polyether block amides
46083 Acronal LR 9014 BASF 24000 kg a fine particle acrylic anionic binder for exterior, clear or pigmented wood coatings, 45 % solids, MFFT < 3°C
46081 LAROMER PR 9120 BASF 1260 kg Special radiation-curable modified polyether acrylate. Self matting, gloss level depending on dosage level
46080 Joncryl HPD 71 MEA BASF 13912 kg a ready-made ammonia solution of Joncryl® HPD 671 for pigment dispersions to be used in water-based inks
46078 Joncryl 8060 BASF 6000 kg styrene-acrylic emulsion for use in high-gloss high-quality overprint varnishes
46077 Joncryl 637 BASF 5000 kg Mid-range molecular weight acrylic colloidal emulsion. Used for paper inks. Offers very flat pH/viscosity profile.
46076 IRR 501 Allnex 2000 kg a polyester acrylate with low viscosity and high reactivity.
46070 Poligen WE 3 BASF 1430 kg Emulsion on base of Polyethylenewachs
46068 APG-325 N BASF 215 kg Alkylpolyglycoside Solution
46061 Iragon blue ABL 9 HFC BASF 10 kg (old Basacid Blue 756), CI42090, Acid blue 9, FD&C blue No1, E133
46055 Plurafac LF 802 BASF 600 kg Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylate
46054 Pluronic F 108 Pastille BASF 316 kg Poloxamer 338 (used primarily as thickening agent and gel former, but also as co-emulsifier and consistency enhancers in creams and liquid emulsions)
46040 Marlon A 330 Sasol 900 kg Sodiumalkylbenzolsulfonate
46031 Genapol T 250 Powder Clariant 15 kg Ceteareth-20 (C16/18 Fatty Alcohol + 20 mol EO)
46025 Aristoflex HMS Clariant 450 kg Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Steareth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer
46024 Aristoflex HMS Clariant 350 kg Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Steareth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer
46014 Cutina HVG BASF 5625 kg INCI: Hydrogenated Vegetable Glycerides - mixture of fatty acid mono / diglycerides
46011 Generol 122 N E-10 BASF 36 kg PEG 10 Soy Bean (Glycine Soja) Sterol
46010 Eumulgin HPS BASF 300 kg INCI Name: Coceth-7/PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether/ PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
46009 Dehymuls PGPH BASF 12000 kg Polyglycerinpoly-12-hydroxystearat (INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate)
45946 Sisterna L70-C Sisterna 150 kg Sucrose Ester: INCI Name: Aqua (and) Sucrose Laurate (and) Alcohol
45949 Sodium Carboxymethyl Amylopectin CN 800 kg Food additives
45966 Oramide DL 215 Seppic 200 kg INCI: Cocamide DEA
45965 Simaline IE 101 Seppic 9600 kg Oleyl monoisopropanolamide (Oleamide MIPA)
45963 Simulsol 5817 Seppic 10000 kg INCI: Glyceryl Ricinoleate 30 EO
45988 Carbomer 1382   44 kg INCI Name: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (1382 Polymer is the toxicologically preferred alternative to 1342. Suggested applications of this product include antidandruff shampoos.
45987 Carbomer Ultrez 30   80 kg INCI: Carbomer - high viscosity


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