Who? What?

UPM Handelsgesellschaft mbH is a mid-sized company that has been active on the global raw-materials odd-lot market for 20 years. We trade in surplus inventories, shelf warmers, off-spec goods, bulk materials, raw and auxiliary materials as well as chemicals, and find potential buyers for these goods.

Circumstances conceivably resulting in left-over inventories:

  • The stock room still contains unsold items from the last job contract.
  • Due to a change-over in the production process, opened or even unopened raw materials are no longer needed.
  • A project in progress was cancelled at short notice and raw materials already ordered are tying up storage space.
  • To fill orders it has been necessary to maintain a ready supply of raw materials which, not used in time, have exceeded their expiration date.

There are too many possible scenarios for us to mention them all. But if we managed to give you an idea of the  range of our activities, the first milestone on the way to our objective has been reached.

For you to take advantage of our capabilities, skills and expertise – that is our O b j e c t I v e. .

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